Friday, April 27, 2018


 A Martian Chronicle: Words of Earth's First Astronaut to Land on Mars

The sky is pink.
The rocks are red.
There ain’t no birdies

It’s bare. It’s bleak.
Don’t see no plants…
Or other green

It’s desolate.
The air is scant.
Except for me—
No life’s extant.

It’s dusty, dry.
I need a beer.
Get me outta here!


TO: Pluto
DATE: August 24, 2006
RE: Demotion to Dwarf Status

Sorry, Pluto, you’re way too small.
You’re just an itty-bitty ball…
An insignificant cosmic dot…
A speck in the Milky Way. You’re not
Considered a planet anymore.
Here’s your pink slip; there’s the door.
You’re off the list. Goodbye! Adieu!
Don’t go making a hullabaloo.
There’s nothing…nothing…you can do.
Accept your fate.


(NOTE: IAU stands for the International Astronomical Union)


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Michelle Kogan said...

These are wonderful poems-love the sense of humor in both! Though Pluto will always be a planet to me, in one form or another, thanks.

Kay said...

Poor Pluto! I'm with Michelle, I still think of Pluto as a planet. I love the humor in both these poems.

Kimberly Hutmacher said...

Your poems made me happy. I enjoyed the humor in both. Thank you for sharing.

Irene Latham said...

What fun! Reminds me of "Postcard from Mars" poem that appears in one of my poetry books for adults. tThank you for sharing -- and for hosting a giveaway of your book. Lovely!

Mary Lee said...

HA! These made me laugh!

I shared THINGS TO DO at a small NCTE gathering yesterday. The teacher across from me ordered it right there and then. "This is exactly what my students need right now!" she said.