Friday, April 6, 2018

Things to Do If You Are Grass: An Original List Poem

During this first week of National Poetry Month, I am posting poems that I had to cut from the manuscript for my book THINGS TO DO--as well as suggestions for poetry activities and extensions to do in an elementary classroom using my book. I'm hoping teachers and parents will use these additional poems as inspiration for children to write their own "things to do" poems.

NOTE: Read about my BOOK GIVEAWAY away below!



Live on a hillside meadow.

Grow tall

and golden as summer sun.

Hide fluffy field mice

and a symphony of crickets.

Welcome wildflowers,

honeybees, and butterflies.

Drink the fallen rain.

Bend and sway

to the rhythm

of the wind

and dance.


REMINDER: I'm giving away signed copies of my book THINGS TO DO! I'll collect the names of people who have commented on my posts during each week in April. Each week, I'll draw a name from a bag. That person will be the winner. If you comment on two posts, your name will be entered in the drawing twice, etc.

Drawing dates: April 8, 15, 22, 29--and May 1
Amy Ludwig VanDerwater has the Poetry Friday Roundup at The Poem Farm.



Books4Learning said...

Love the poem and perspective! Never thought about all the things grass does. :)

Lit Chic said...

Your book is awesome and a great springboard for young writers. I can imagine using it throughout the grades and even with adults who want to try their hand at writing poetry. You have a beautiful sense of expression in your poems, and I am loving the new ones this week!

Linda B said...

I do love your book, Elaine, a mentor book for every classroom, and today I love that "symphony of crickets"! Congrats again on your latest awards!

Mitchell Linda said...

What a beautiful poem! I cannot imagine cutting that from anything! Bend and sway with the wind....perfect.

Mary Lee said...

What Linda B. said! Your book has mentored my student-poets, and I LOVE that it has gotten the attention it deserves!

Kay said...

I love the bonus poems you are sharing. Now, can it please warm up enough to make lying in the grass enjoyable?

Amy Ludwig VanDerwater said...

I really want to "hide fluffy field mice" now.
Thank you for these extra treats. I adore sharing this book.

Buffy Silverman said...

Oh the field mice and the symphony of crickets--such treasures in the grass and in your poem!