Friday, April 20, 2018

ROOSTER and CHICK: Two Mask Poems

I seem to "default" to the mask poem whenever I begin writing a poetry collection. On Wednesday, I posted four mask poems about spring peepers from an unpublished seasonal collection titled VOICES ALL AROUND ME.
The following two mask poems are the first two verses from another unpublished collection titled FARM TALK, which contains poems written in the voices of farm animals, a few wild animals, and a farmer and his wife. Most of the poems are written in pairs--for example, a mare and her foal, cows and a bull, mother duck and her ducklings, rooster and chick.  


The sun is rising. You should too.
It’s time to wake and shake off night…
To welcome in the morning light.
It’s the dawn of a brand new day.
That’s something to crow about, I’d say!


Dad’s calling up the sun.
Wake up! Wake up, everyone!
Night is over. Day’s begun.


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Unknown said...

What fun. Here is a poem from the POV of the hen.

Listen, old man,
you woke the baby!
Now you swing her,
bounce her and feed her.
If I don't snooze a bit more,
we'll soon be at war!

JoAnn Early Macken said...

I like the idea of writing poems in pairs. Such intriguing possibilities: two opposing viewpoints or (as in this pair) support from another perspective. Fun!

Kimberly Hutmacher said...

Your poems are lovely.

Ruth said...

I love your rooster and chick pairing. We have both in our yard!

Kay said...

What fun! I have hens, but no rooster or chicks at this time, so I enjoyed hearing their voices.

Mary Lee said...

HA! I love that Brenda gave the hen a voice!!

Tabatha said...

Charming! I can picture the illustrations :-)

Glenda Funk said...

These poems are so cute. You make writing them look easy, but I know it's not. Love the sounds. Thought about "Janet Waking" when I read this.