Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? #1 ( Part 2)

Would you like to win a children's book written by an award-winning children's poet?

I originally posted the paragraph you will read below on April 25th. Only one person, Tricia of The Miss Rumphius Effect, responded to my query. No one else chose to guess the answer to my question in hopes of winning a dinner at a beautiful yacht club in Massachusetts. I understand. Many of you don't live in the area...so I'm changing the prize!

The PAS North Shore Council of IRA will hold its 2007 spring dinner meeting on May 23rd at the Corinthian Yacht Club in Marblehead, Massachusetts. The yacht club has one of the most glorious views of any place in the United States! I am getting excited because our featured speaker is one of my favorite children’s poets. I met this award-winning author at In Celebration of Children’s Literature at the University of Southern Maine in 2005. This writer is a recipient of the NCTE Award for Excellence in Poetry for Children. She is also a winner of a National Book Award. Her first collection of poems was published fifty years ago! Her energy and exuberance belie her age.

Can you guess who’s coming to our council dinner?

The first person to name our featured speaker and to give the title of her first published book will receive a book written--and signed--by this award-winning children's author.

NOTE: Individuals who are members of the PAS North Shore Council or who are on our council mailing list are disqualified because they already know the name of our guest speaker.


Anonymous said...

Hi Elaine,

Ooh, I like contests...Is it Mary Ann Hoberman?

Thanks for your Valerie Worth input, by the way. I just got back into town and saw it. Going to order a book of hers this week.

Laura Salas

Anonymous said...

And I think her first book was All My Shoes Come in Twos? Not sure about that!


Mary Lee said...

Has to be Mary Ann Hoberman! First book was in 1957!

Elaine Magliaro said...


You got it! Mary Ann Hoberman's the one--and her first book was ALL OF MY SHOES COME IN TWOS. Do you already have a copy of THE LLAMA WHO HAD NO PAJAMA or FATHERS, MOTHERS, SISTERS, BROTHERS? Or maybe you'd prefer one of her You Read to Me, I'll Read to You books? You can email me your address.

Are you sure you don't mean Lilian Moore?

Mary Lee,

Imagine publishing her first collection in 1957...and she's still writing wonderful books today!

Anonymous said...

Yea! Thanks, Elaine! I would love to have FATHERS, MOTHERS, SISTERS, BROTHERS. I'll send you my address separately.

And *yes,* I meant thank you for Lillian Moore info, not Valerie Worth. Geez. Too many great poets. I have trouble keeping everybody straight!

How great that you'll get to hear her again!


Anonymous said...

And that would be Lilian, not Lillian. My brain is just in meltdown mode today.

Kelly said...

Oh, man, LATE.