Tuesday, May 8, 2007

China Memories, China Treasures

As Tricia of The Miss Rumphius Effect prepares to embark on her adventure to the other side of the Earth, my thoughts turn to a time in the autumn of 1994 when I had the happy experience of traveling to the People’s Republic of China with a Children’s Literature and Language Arts Delegation led by Professor William Teale. Two other teams, led by Dr. Junko Yokota and Dr. Mingshui Cai, joined our group on the journey.

It was a glorious adventure spent with other teachers, college professors, and a children’s author. Our team traveled to Beijing, Nanjing, Suzhou, and Shanghai. We visited Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, the Great Wall of China, the Ming Tombs, and the glorious gardens of Suzhou--among other historic and scenic places. We also visited children’s book publishing companies, elementary schools, and universities—and had roundtable discussions with fellow teachers, professors, and publishers. We even met some talented children’s book illustrators.

I wish I could relive that experience over and over again!

To Tricia: Have the time of your life, take lots of photos, and keep a journal so when you return you can tell us all about your time abroad. Oh...and spend lots of money buying beautiful things!!!

Here are pictures of just a few of the treasures I brought home with me from China…the absolute best treasures are memories of my days spent far from home.

Folk Art Paintings

An Exquisite Embroidery

Paper Cuttings

Bon Voyage, Tricia!


Tricia said...

You are an angel! Thanks for thinking of me and giving me even more to look forward to and think about as I begin the countdown. It's hard to believe that one week from today I'll be on my way.
Thanks again.

Grace Lin said...

oh, I LOVE that red paper cut-out with all the fish!