Wednesday, May 2, 2007

A Poem by Janet Wong

How neat is this?! Janet Wong wrote a poem for me about all the poems I posted at Wild Rose Reader during the month of April. She left her poem in the comment section of A Poem a Day #30, which I dedicated to her. I thought I’d post Janet’s poem here today for all of you to read.

by Janet Wong

April is a welcoming
to honeybees as muses,
rocket trips to wishing stars,
lion(esses) singing the blues(es).

April takes you wandering
past the sleek eelectric chef,
lions suffering tangled manes,
the Queen who’s feeling somewhat plain,
gnus who cruise pursued by winter, weary and worn.

April is piggy! April is pink.
April is whispers, friendship-hush.
A sorrowful planet demoted to slush.
Ribbons of muscle, snaking along.
The song of a whale, the spray of a skunk.
Unicorns born while ladies roll dice.
Fried (let’s say) Egg (keep it nice).

April is a hungry bear,
a giraffe, head high in the warm spring air,
creases smoothed with wrinkle cream.
Crater romance, beetles in armor,
rivers of sun and pools of shade.
Buds bursting, stretching awake,
and potatoes, parsley, parsnip and peas—

whatever a poet may happen to see
from her windows in Beverly—
in her mind in reverie—
whatever a poet may happen to type
in a quiet basement, some late-blogging night—

this was April, this year.

Thanks, Janet, for writing this special poem for me!

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