Tuesday, April 14, 2009

National Poetry Month--Second Week Roundup

The Miss Rumphius Effect Presents Interviews with Children’s Poets
Poetry Makers - Steven Schnur
Poetry Makers - Ralph Fletcher
Poetry Makers - Jane Yolen
Poetry Makers - Linda Ashman
Poetry Makers - Julie Larios
Poetry Makers - Adam Rex
Poetry Makers - Marilyn Singer
Poetry Makers - Lee Bennett Hopkins
Poetry Makers - Joyce Sidman

GottaBook Presents Previously Unpublished Poems by Children’s Poets
Adam Rex - The Flight Before Christmas
Joyce Sidman - Spring is the Time
Bruce Lansky - Rules for Spot
Avis Harley - Perfect Pitch
Nikki Grimes - All Eyes
Lee Bennett Hopkins - SPRING
Linda Sue Park - Villanelle: Why I Love Libraries

Poetry for Children Presents Children’s Poetry Book Reviews
Good Karma; What’s the Weather Inside?
Silly Dilly Sports Songs by Alan Katz
My People by Hughes and Smith
Another Hughes gem
Family Poetry for Celebrating
Happy birthday, Lee
Time to Countdown to Summer

Liz in Ink Presents A Haiku-a-Day
National Poetry Month -- Haiku 8
National Poetry Month -- Haiku 9
Poetry Friday -- Haiku 10
National Poetry Month -- Haiku 11
National Poetry Month -- Haiku 12
National Poetry Month -- Haiku 13
National Poetry Month -- Haiku 14

Pencil Talk Presents Poems by Children & One by Anastasia Suen
This Is Just to Say
I’m a Chick

A Wrung Sponge Presents Haiku and Photographs
Hen and chicks plant haiku
Multiflora Rose Haiku
Traffic haiku
Golden Hour
Looking at a stink bug
Easter haiku
Easter baskets

Wild Rose Reader Presents a Potpourri of Poetry Posts
Two Puddle Poems & Some Poetry for Spring
For Kelly & Boots
Things to Do: List Poems
Opposite Poems & A Little Light Verse
SEEDS: An Original Acrostic Poem
National Poetry Month--Second Week Roundup

Two Weeks of Poems at Political Verses
A Terse Verse about Rush Limbaugh
Poem at the End of the Twentieth Century by J. Patrick Lewis
Bill O.: A Rhyming Rant about Bill O'Reilly
Dickie & the Death Squad
A Poem about George Stephanopoulos by J. Patrick Lewis
Potent Political Pottage a la Shakespeare


jone said...

Love having a place to come and click on a link. all this poetry has buoyed me as the district talks more and more about library budget cuts.

Elaine Magliaro said...


I'm having a hard time keeping up with all the poetry posts this month. I need the links for myself.

Elaine Magliaro said...


P. S. So sorry to hear about the library cuts. When I retired from my job as an elementary librarian in 2004, no one was hired to take my place. Instead, it was decided that the the two other librarians would have to cover five schools.

Andromeda Jazmon said...

Thank you so much for doing this Elaine!! There is so much awesome poetic goodness on the web this month I just can't keep up!

Anonymous said...

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