Friday, October 12, 2018

WHEN I GET ANGRY: An Original Poem

Some time ago, I got an idea for a collection of poems titled The Animal in Me. In the poems, children would imagine themselves to be like certain animals at times depending on how they felt. For example, an angry child might feel like he/she was a grizzly bear--or a child being sent to his/her room as punishment might feel like a big cat trapped in a cage. The collection never went too far. Here is one of the poems from it.
When I get angry, I’m a bear…
A grizzly bear
With coarse brown hair
And teeth that tear.
You best beware!
When I get angry,
I clench my paws
And snap my jaws.
I prowl and growl
Around my room
And fuss and fume
And stomp the floor
And slam my door…
I’m not angry anymore.