Monday, April 6, 2009

A Prehistoric Poetry Prize!

Here’s the scoop for those of you who would like to know what children’s poetry book I’ll be giving away as a prize for the second week of National Poetry Month at Wild Rose Reader. This is the book!
DINOTHESAURUS: Prehistoric Poems and Paintings
Written & illustrated by
Douglas Florian
Atheneum, 2009

Here are links to some of the “prehistoric” poems you’ll find in Dinothesaurus. Once you read the following poems, I know you'll want to have a chance at winning Florian’s latest poetry collection. All you have to do to be eligible for next Sunday’s drawing is to leave a comment at one of my Wild Rose Reader posts dated April 5-11!
Here's a post about the book I’ll be giving away as a prize at Political Verses: The World's Greatest: A Poetry Prize.
Edited to Add: Head on over to 7-Imp to read Seven Questions over Breakfast with Douglas Florian.


Unknown said...

Douglas Florian's poetry coupled with his art is magnetic. I never do a classroom read aloud without one of Doug's books in my pile. Truly, one of my favorites!

Elaine Magliaro said...


I'm a big fan of Douglas Florian's poetry and paintings. I used to share his poetry books with my elementary students--and they loved them!

Charlotte said...

This is on my wish list even as I type! Douglas Florian is my favorite children's poet.

Boni Ashburn said...

I'm loving the give-away choices- excellent poetry with excellent illustrations- such a captivating combination! We checked Dinothesaurus out of the library and my son and I could read it every day for a year and not tire of it. Fascinating book.

Vivian Mahoney said...

I just read his interview over at 7-Imp and loved how he approached his work. Great illustrations!

MHN said...

I love to read his poems out loud even if it's at times to the air in the room :>) I'm going over to check out his interview.

Anonymous said...

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