Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dirty Dog!: A Triolet

Don't you just love it when life hands you real situations that serve as inspiration for poetry? My daughter's fiance took their Yellow Lab Jack to a special park today where dogs are allowed to run around unleashed. I doubt Jack will be visiting that park again soon!

My daughter sent me these pictures of Jack after telling me a terribly funny tale about her dog and her fiance.

A Poem for Jerry
Dirty, dirty, dirty dog!
Didn’t heed your master—NO!
Thought you’d run into the bog.
Dirty, dirty, dirty dog!
(I rant in my mad monologue.)
You frolicked where you shouldn’t go.
Dirty, dirty, dirty dog!
Didn’t heed your master—NO!

Here's another post about Jack. It includes several photos of Jack sans the mud: JACK: A Mask Poem


Rebecca Gomez said...

Jack looks like he had a wonderful time!

Love the poems, too.

Elaine Magliaro said...


Jack had a wonderful time--but his master didn't! He had to go into the muck and drag Jack out.

janet wong said...

Oh, my GOSH! That is one dirty dog. And the poem that goes with this is PERFECT! (I think you could print that poem on a card with Jack's photo and make a ton of money.)

Elaine Magliaro said...

Thanks, Janet! After Sara told me the "whole" story about Jack at the park and sent me the pictures--I just had to write a poem. And the triolet seemed like a poetic form perfectly suited to the subject.

laurasalas said...

lol--Thank you for a fabulous Monday morning laugh!

Anna Alter said...

Love it.