Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Acrostic Poems for Spring

It’s the first day of National Poetry Month! I’m posting some of my original acrostic poems about spring. The first poem below, Nest, is one that I haven’t posted here previously.

Nestled in a basket on a bough,

Eager to eat, itty-bitty birds

Singing for their supper,

Trilling and filling a tree with song

And now, spring settles in,

Pitches her green tent.

Robins return, fruit trees burst

Into bloom, and the sun

Lays her warm yellow hands over the earth.

Soft, scented breezes, kite-catching winds, the

Pitter patter of warm rain on the

Roof, daffodils and daisies and lilacs

In bloom, apple trees wearing snow-white crowns.

Now the sun lingers at the edge of day and

Green…lovely green…has come home to stay.

Coming up, I’m coming up,

Reaching through the softening soil, poking my petals

Out of the earth,

Collecting sunlight in my purple cup.

Up, I’m coming up.

Spring is on the way!


Here’s a link to a super list of resources that I compiled for National Poetry Month:
Resources for National Poetry Month 2009

The following blogs have big plans for National Poetry Month. You’ll want to visit them often during the month of April:

Win a Poetry Book!
Every week during April, I’ll be giving away children’s poetry books at Wild Rose Reader and books of light verse at Political Verses. If you leave a comment at one of my poetry posts this week, I’ll enter your name in the drawing for a poetry book. If you leave comments at two post, I'll enter your name twice...and so on.

This week’s prize from Wild Rose Reader will be a copy of Falling Down the Page: A Book of List Poems edited by Georgia Heard.

This week’s Prize from Political Verses will be The Underwear Salesman and Other Jobs for Better or Verse, which was written by J. Patrick Lewis and illustrated by Serge Bloch.

The drawings for the poetry book prizes for this week will be held on Sunday, April 5th.


Terry Doherty said...

It's rainy and cold here this morning. Spring-y imagery is just what I needed. Thanks, Elaine.

Elaine Magliaro said...

It's pretty gray here today too. I'd really like to see the sun shining for more than one day in a row!

jama said...

I love all your spring acrostics. So many lovely lines:

Trilling and filling a tree with song

Collecting sunlight in my purple cup.


Elaine Magliaro said...


Thanks, Jama. I needed a little spring in my life today. I'd like to see the sun a little more frequently than I have been lately.
Spring doesn't truly arrive around my neck of the woods until we're well into April--and sometimes May!

Liz in Ink said...

You are so good at this!!! I love April pitching that tent...

Elaine Magliaro said...

Thanks, Liz. Every now and then I like to inject personification into a poem. I just hope April gets to work soon--and the sun too! It's been quite cool and damp here lately.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your spring acrostics. I love the image of the crocus "collecting sunlight in my little cup."

Happy April!


Elaine Magliaro said...

Thanks for commenting on my poems, Catherine.

MotherReader said...

I'll make sure to add your poetry celebration to the list I made.

I like the April poem the best - particularly because it begins with "And." I have an affinity for writing that makes me feel like me and the writer are finishing an interrupted conversation.

Anonymous said...

Hi Elaine! I'm linking to you as I try to throw myself into poetry month:

Elaine Magliaro said...


Remember those written language rules about never beginning a sentence with AND or BUT--and never ending one with a preposition? Well, sometimes rules are made to be broken.


Thanks for linking to Wild Rose Reader. I hope you enjoy thirty days of poetry in the kidlitosphere--and elsewhere.

Linda said...

Elaine, I love the line "Trilling and filling a tree song" I could almost hear them singing. All of the poems are full of wonderful imagery!

Elaine Magliaro said...


Thanks for commenting. Unfortunately, I haven't heard the sweet songs of birds much lately--all the windows are closed because of cold temperatures and I haven't been out walking much lately because of inclement weather.

Cynthia Reeg said...

I love acrostic poems. Thanks for sharing your springy renditions.

Elaine Magliaro said...


I used to dislike acrostic poems. I just couldn't find the poetry in the ones that just seem to be a list of words. I decided to try my hand at writing acrostics with imagery--and some that rhymed. Then I got addicted.

Tricia said...

I love these poems. What a wonderful way to usher in the month.
Happy April to you!

Elaine Magliaro said...

Thanks, Tricia. It looks like you and Gregory will be the bloggers with the most to offer us during National Poetry Month!

Julie said...

Oh, those apple trees with the snow-white crowns. I am very ready for them, too!

Annie Donwerth Chikamatsu said...

Yes! The winds are chilly and blowing us away. Been waiting for spring. But, it's poetry month around here every month! Thanks for all you do.

Sherry said...

I'm definitely enjoying Poetry Month already. Thanks for the poems and for the giveaway.

KR said...

I really need these for my kindergarten classroom!

Elaine Magliaro said...

Julie, Annie, Sherry, & MJ--

Thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment on my acrostics. I plan to post more original poems during National Poetry Month.

Henry Lawson Poems said...

Great poetry, very inspiring.

Anonymous said...

Great job! Truly amazing poems! Keep up the good work.