Friday, May 3, 2013

PUDDLE MUDDLE: An Original Poem

I apologize for announcing the winner of PUDDLE WONDERFUL two days late. We're in the process of selling our house and things are moving along quickly at this point. I've been trying to get lots of things done. I've been packing up my children's books and poetry books and cookbooks and other books and taking them to my new house and organizing them in my new built-in bookcases. It seems like an endless task. I think I'm going to have to give more of my books away!

I'm happy to announce that Linda at Teacherdance is the winner of Puddle Wonderful: Poems to Welcome Spring. Congratulations, Linda! Email me your address and I'll send the book to you.

Note to the other book winners: I apologize for not getting your books in the mail yet. I hope to do that in the next week.


Here's one of my puddle poems for this Poetry Friday:


I’m in the middle of a puddle…

in the middle…

in a muddle.

The puddle’s much too deep.

It spilled

into my boots.

Now they’re filled

with muddy water

to the brim.

I hope my feet

know how to swim!


Liz Steinglass has the Poetry Friday Roundup this week.