Friday, April 1, 2011

Win a Children's Poetry Book from Wild Rose Reader!!!

April is here! I am happy to announce that I will be giving away children’s poetry books during National Poetry Month again this year. As in the past, all you have to do is comment at any of my Poetry Month posts to have your name included in my weekly drawings. (NOTE: If you leave comments at two posts, I’ll enter your name twice…and so on.)

Poetry Book Giveaway Schedule

First Week of NaPoMo: April 1—7 (Winner announced on April 8th.)

Second Week of NaPoMo: April 8—14 (Winner announced on April 15th.)

Third Week of NaPoMo: April 15—21 (Winner announced on April 22nd.)

Fourth Week of NaPoMo: April 22—28 (Winner announced on April 29th.)

Final Days of NaPoMo: April 29—30 (Winner announced on May 1st.)

The poetry book prize for the first week of NaPoMo is Douglas Florian’s POETREES!

You can read the following poems from POETREES at Florian Café:

Paper Birch

Dragon Tree

Giant Sequoias


Today at Wild Rose Reader, I have a conversation with Janet Wong and Sylvia Vardell about the exciting new project PoetryTagTime.

You’ll also find an extensive list of links of resources for National Poetry Month at Wild Rose Reader.

Amy has the Poetry Friday Roundup at The Poem Farm.


Bridget R. Wilson said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love giveaways and poetry books are even better than the average book. Looking forward to all your Poetry Month posts!

Tara said...

A second round of thank yous - I'll be checking in!

Michele Krueger said...

Hi Elaine,

I loved the whole idea of Poetry Tag. The ebook is a delight. I hope you are well.
Best regards,
Michele Krueger

theMom said...

I think that I will never see a poem as lovely as a tree.

Yes, I stole that, I confess.

And although I realize he did not write that one, I do love Douglas Florian.

Linda B said...

Thank you for all the poetry resources. I'll share them with the staff at my school!