Friday, April 8, 2011

TWOSOMES: Love Poems from the Animal Kingdom...and Some Original Cuddly Creature Couplets

Twosomes: Love Poems from the Animal Kingdom

Written by Marilyn Singer

Pictures by Lee Wildish

Knopf, 2011

This is a slim volume of fifteen “cuddly creature couplets” about pairs of animals (porcupines, chameleons, sharks, elephants, cats, dogs) who are in love. It’s a light-hearted collection that kids and adults alike can appreciate. Wildish’s humorous cartoonlike illustrations add to the fun of Singer’s animal-sweetheart verses—which contain lots of wordplay and puns. One bat wants to “hang around” with another bat. Two horses enjoy a “stable relationship.” A male dolphin tells his female paramour that she’s the “porpoise” of his life.

Click here to look inside this book.I really enjoyed this little book. It inspired me to write some of my own “twosomes.”

Bull & Cow

YOU’RE my gal. There ain’t no uddah.

I love you more than biscuits and buddah.

Yo mine,



Let me be your special gent.

I love you. You were heaven scent.


You’re well-preserved, you ancient fossil!

My love for you is mega-colossal.

Narcissistic Peacock

I can see my reflection so I’m never lonely.

I WANT to be my one and only.


She’s the true love that I chose.

I met her on a red, red rose.


Be mine. Let’s mate…

Before it’s too late.

I invite readers to write their own “twosomes” and leave them in the comments. I’ll post them next week.

Twosomes is the book prize I'll be giving away for the second week of National Poetry Month.

NOTE: I’ll announce the winner of Douglas Florian’s poetry collection POETREES later today.


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Brimful Curiosities said...

We're addicted to watching the Decorah eagles hatch their young, so I thought I'd try my hand at a twosome poem about eagles.

After we soar and dance up in the sky,
Let's nest’le forever, you and I.

Elaine Magliaro said...

Brimful Curiosities,

Thanks for your contribution! I'm hoping to be inspired to write a few more "twosomes."

Question: Do you know if eagles mate for life?

Anonymous said...

I love these, Elaine!

Marilyn Singer

Elaine Magliaro said...

Thanks, Marilyn! I enjoyed your book--and writing my own "twosomes."

Megan Frances Abrahams said...

Delighted to learn about Twosomes -- and, your couplets are so much fun. I really enjoyed your clerihews on Blue Rose Girls too.

Here's a couplet about a pair of not so furry creatures:

Octopi (or Octopodes):

Besotted by your swimmish charms,
Won't you hold me in your arms?

Charles Waters said...

You're such the busy bee. Thanks for all that you do on your blogs!!!!!!

jama said...

Looks like a cute book, and I enjoyed your little couplets, especially the peacock and skunk :).

Mary Lee said...


I LOVELOVELOVE this book and you have absolutely nailed the form! Huzzah for Marilyn Singer's originals and Huzzah for yours and everyone else's!

I thought I was too scared to try one, but here's what happened:

I'm a scaredy cat -- I run -- I flee --
Won't you please come hide with me?

Bridget R. Wilson said...

I can't wait to read this one. I've just ordered a copy for one of my branch libraries.

Brimful Curiosities said...

Hi Elaine,
Eagles do mate for life. The kids and I are especially impressed by the size of an eagle's nest - usually around 5-7 ft, weighing up to two tons!