Thursday, April 7, 2011

GOING BUGGY!: Original Insect Poems

Here is my second themed post for National Poetry Month. This time I’m highlighting many of my original poems about insects. Tricia’s Monday Poetry Stretch at The Miss Rumphius Effect this week is Going Buggy!

Here’s a link to my first themed poetry post—A Passel of Space Poems.

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I’m a little inchworm

Making my way
Along this forsythia

Branch today.

I arch…then stretch

And forward ho!
That’s how I get to

Where I go.

My mode of travel’s

Odd, I’d say.
I’m such a slowpoke.

That’s okay.

When I get bigger,

By and by,
Why, I’ll grow wings

And then I’ll fly!


I’m buzzing here; I’m buzzing there.

I’m visiting the flowers where
I sip the syrup, thick and sweet,

And powder my six little feet.

I’m fuzzy here; I’m fuzzy there.

I like the fuzzy suit I wear.
It’s yellow, black, and trimmed to fit.

It has flight wings attached to it!

A stinger’s fixed on my rear end—

A weapon so I can defend
Against intruders who would take

The sunny honey that I make

And seal inside a waxy comb

And store for winter in my home.
I’m busy…busy every day

In spring and summer. I don’t play…

Just do the duties that I must:

Collecting nectar, pollen dust,
And g
uarding my sweet food and hive.
But, still, it’s great to be alive!

Worker Bees

We’re sweet syrup sippers.
We’re nectar collectors.

We’re reapers of pollen

And beehive protectors.

We tend to the babies.

We keep our home clean.

We make royal jelly

For drones and our queen.

In summer we fan our hot hive

With our wings…

Make honey and wax.

We do SO many things.

We’re buzzing and busy

With chores through the day.

A worker bee’s life

Is ALL WORK and NO play.

Monarch Caterpillar

I’m a monarch caterpillar

Nibbling away
On a tasty milkweed leaf today.

I’m munchin’



Enjoying this luscious leafy luncheon.

I’m growing bigger bite by bite.

My skin is feeling really tight.
I bet I’ll split my stripes tonight!


When quiet fills an August night

And fireflies dot the dark with light
And birds are nestled in the trees
And leaves are whispering in the breeze
And moonlight shimmers in the sky,

We strum a summer lullaby…
A dreamy sleepy cheepy songT
o serenade you all night long.

Silkworm Pupa

This silken nest

Is where I’ll rest
And sleep and change

And rearrange

Myself into another me.

In this small space,

This creamy case,
Six legs I’ll grow,

Four wings—and oh…

Can’t wait to see the me I’ll be.


Long, long ago

before dinosaurs
roamed the land

I flew through prehistoric skies,

my glassy wings glistening in sunlight.

Long, long ago

I printed my image
in mud,

then melted into Earth’s memory.


you can see me
stenciled on the stony pages

of time.


Chirping in the dark, their song


In still air. A

Chorus of summer night strummers in concert with


Entertaining warm evenings with


Symphony of wings.

Case spun

Of creamy silken threads,

Cozy cottage for

One, changing room

Of a sleeping pupa who will awaken to a

New self.



Creamy silken
Sack—sleeping bag for one

Young dreamer whose wish for wings will

Come true


Swaddled in white silk

Spinning dreams of a future
that will end too soon


Linda B said...

I am gathering poems to share on poem in your pocket day, & will share some of these. Thank you!

Looking for the Write Words said...

Love these poems, Elaine. We will be gathering poems for our pockets and writing some nonfiction poetry. Perhaps some mask poems will be on born. I will surely share yours. Many thanks! ~Theresa