Thursday, April 21, 2011

Theme in Yellow: Original Poems by Wild Rose Reader

I was thinking about bright sunshine and warm spring weather this morning. Then I got the idea to look through the poems I’ve written and see how many had a springy yellow theme. Here’s what I found:


Shower in the April sun
Shower in the light,
Streaming down on yellow days.
Stand out in the pouring rays.

Like butter on a toasty bun,
Let the sunlight melt and run
In golden rivers on your skin.
Feel it glowing deep within.
Feel the touch of early spring,
Feel the warmth that April brings.

Shower in the pouring rays
Streaming down on yellow days.


Spring sings with yellow—
Daffodils trumpet the color in a world growing green
Forsythias bushes explode into golden clouds
Dandelions light our lawn like little suns
Daisies flaunt their pollen-powdered faces…
Everywhere I look
Yellow is singing out its bright song.


dipped in sunlight,
dusted with gold—
brassy blossoms
trumpeting their color
in April gardens


One morning
they unexpectedly
burst into bloom
and sprouted gold.
April used her Midas touch
and turned a gray day
into a surprise celebration
for spring.


Sun rubs resting earth
With warm yellow hands…coaxes
Forth petals of gold


A feathered sun
growing in a sky of green,
its spiky corona radiating gold—
one bright star
lighting up our lawn

Of life. Yellow…
Like lantern light,
Like butter on bread, like the yolk of an
Egg, like a nugget of gold…or a
New star born of cosmic dust.

Day’s eye, wide
Awake, standing
In a meadow
Staring at the sky—its bright
Yellow face turned toward the sun.


Bridget R. Wilson said...

Great poems, Elaine. My favorite is Spring Sings.

Elaine Magliaro said...

Thanks, Bridget! I think I finally solved my Blogger problem. I just upgraded to the new editor on my blog settings. I had no trouble at all with this post. What a relief!