Saturday, April 9, 2011

First Week of National Poetry Month 2011 Roundup

There’s a lot of poetry celebrating going on in the kidlitosphere during the month of April. It’s not easy trying to keep up with all the poetry goodness. That’s why I’m doing a roundup of the first week of Poetry Month posts at Wild Rose Reader and at some of my favorite blogs.

Wild Rose Reader

PoetryTagTime: A Conversation with Janet Wong & Sylvia Vardell

Win a Children's Poetry Book from Wild Rose Reader!!!

MINNOW MUSIC: An Original Mask Poem

A Passel of Space Poems

The Global Poem for Change

GOING BUGGY!: Original Insect Poems

The Miss Rumphius Effect: Poetry in the Classroom

A Red Wheelbarrow, LOVE THAT DOG, and Williams

Of Castles and Commoners

Math and Poetry

Crazy for Insects

The Trip Around the Sun

Down on the Farm

Life in the Sea

GottaBook: 30 Poets/30 Days

Douglas Florian - April is the Coolest Month

Janet Wong - Eyes-to-Eyes

Marilyn Singer - A Stick Is an Excellent Thing

Joseph Bruchac - Siguan

April Halprin Wayland - Dear Whoever Composes the Sky

Graham Denton - I Am Huffing, I Am Puffing

George Ella Lyon - No Need For Metaphor

A Wrung Sponge: Haibun-a-Day

Paper Crane Haibun #1

tea haibun

Haibun #3

Haibun #4

Haibun #5

Haibun #6

Haibun #7

Liz in Ink: Haiku-a-Day

Poetry Friday -- Haiku 1

Haiku 2

Haiku 3

Haiku 4

Haiku 5

Haiku 6

Haiku 7

The Poem Farm: Poetic Techniques & Idea-Finding Strategies

Poems about Poems

Imagery Poems & Edible Books

Poems About Animals We Know

Line Breaks and White Spaces in Poems

Everyday Life as Inspiration

Free Verse—Poems Do Not Need to Rhyme

Poems Come from Wonders & Questions

A Year of Reading: A Poem-a-Day

Poetry Friday -- NaPoMo and JPL

Poem #2—Out Like a Lion

Poem #3—Metaphor Poem (plus a Simile Book Review)

Poem #4—Words With Friends

Poem #5--Fishing

Poem #6—Favorite Book

Poem #7—Words

Check It Out: 30 Days = 30 Students

Day #1

Day #2

Day #3

Day #4

Day #5

Day #6

Day #7

Jama Rattigan’s Alphabet Soup: Poetry Potluck Series

April 2011 Poetry Month Potluck: Starters and a Giveaway!

Waffle-laden Poet Coming in for a Landing: April Halprin Wayland

Noodling Around with Carol Weis

Welcoming Spring with Joann Early Macken!


Amy L V said...

Elaine, You amaze me with how you organize these lists. Thank you - I will be going back through and visiting what I missed. And thank you, too, for including my blog here. A.

Mary Lee said...

Thanks for the roundup! You just made it SOOOoooo much easier for me to catch up!

jama said...

Wow -- you're amazing with your roundups. Time consuming work, much appreciated. Thank you so much!