Monday, April 16, 2007

Wild Rose Reader Coming Attractions

Here’s a list of some of this week’s Wild Rose Reader’s features:

An Interview with Douglas Florian!

Sunday Brunch with Janet Wong, which includes my recipe for cold zabaglione!

I Am Looking for a Poem About You can request that I look for a poem on a specific topic for you. I will do my best to find one. Because of copyright laws, I will give you the title of a book/titles of books in which the poem can be found instead of posting the entire text of the poem. I just ask that requesters be reasonable with their requests.

More original poems…I hope! I’ve posted sixteen so far this month. I need fourteen more. I’ve pleaded with my muses not to pack up and leave town and take their inspiration to poets who live in warmer climes.

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Mary Lee said...

Douglas Florian! You LUCKY Rose, you! I can't wait!