Monday, April 30, 2007

A Poem a Day #30

Well…here we are on the 30th day of April—the final day of National Poetry Month—my last day to post A Poem a Day! I thought I’d dedicate my poem today to my poet friend Janet Wong. It seemed most appropriate to dedicate a list poem to her. Last September, Janet wrote to tell me that another poet was compiling an anthology of list poems and suggested I submit some of my poetry for consideration. And just the other day she made mention of list poems in a comment at one of my posts.

This poem is for you, Janet. Thanks for all your help and support!

by Elaine Magliaro

Shoes are full of feet.
Candy’s full of sweet.
A pig is full of slops.
A bunny’s full of hops.
A farm is full of cows,
Chickens, pigs, and plows.
April’s full of showers
That bring us springtime flowers.
Winter’s full of snow
And blizzard winds that blow.
A forest’s full of trees…
Leaves swishing in the breeze.
The sky is full of blue…
And all the oceans, too.
The dawn is full of light
And dark fills up the night.
Bees are full of buzz
And black and yellow fuzz.
A spider’s full of silk.
A cow? Chock full of milk.
Rain is full of drops.
It drips and plips and plops.
Dreams fill up your head
At night when you’re in bed.
“And you?” you ask of me.
I’m full of poetry.


Greg Pincus said...

Indeed, Elaine, you ARE full of poetry... and it's a wonderful thing!

Congrats AND thanks for posting through April!

Michele said...

That's fantastic - and congratulations on achieving a poem a day throughout National Poetry Month. I'm in awe...

Tricia said...

Good Morning Elaine,
What a wonderful poem! Bravo on your achievement this month. I have enjoyed reading every one of your originals. I can't wait for next April!

Elaine Magliaro said...

Gregory, Michele, and Tricia--

Thanks so much. I awoke yesterday morning with some kind of bug...and felt crummy all day. I was just hoping to finish my last poem. Now I guess I can breathe a sigh of relief...even though my sinuses are all stuffed up.


Are you going to attempt this again next April? If so, maybe I should suggest that Michele and Tricia be your co-posters.

What do you think, ladies???

Anonymous said...

And a poem for ELAINE!


April is a welcoming
to honeybees as muses,
rocket trips to wishing stars,
lion(esses) singing the blues(es).

April takes you wandering
past the sleek eelectric chef,
lions suffering tangled manes,
the Queen who’s feeling somewhat plain,
gnus who cruise pursued by winter, weary and worn.

April is piggy! April is pink.
April is whispers, friendship-hush.
A sorrowful planet demoted to slush.
Ribbons of muscle, snaking along.
The song of a whale, the spray of a skunk.
Unicorns born while ladies roll dice.
Fried (let’s say) Egg (keep it nice).

April is a hungry bear,
a giraffe, head high in the warm spring air,
creases smoothed with wrinkle cream.
Crater romance, beetles in armor,
rivers of sun and pools of shade.
Buds bursting, stretching awake,
and potatoes, parsley, parsnip and peas—

whatever a poet may happen to see
from her windows in Beverly—
in her mind in reverie—
whatever a poet may happen to type
in a quiet basement, some late-blogging night—

this was April, this year.

Elaine Magliaro said...


Thanks so much for writing a special poem just for me! And you included all the things I wrote about in the poems I posted during April. It's pretty terrific having a great poet as a friend!

Michele said...

So long as you're not suggesting that I post an originaly poem by ME every day next April (that'd be a great way to put people off both poetry and my Blog!)...

I wonder if we have a National Poetry Month in the UK ? And why don't I know if we do ?!

Michele said...

I went away and checked about National Poetry Month - we don't have it, just our National Poetry Day in October...

Elaine Magliaro said...


I think you could write original fantasy poems and odes to Dr. Who!
You could create a verse or two to celebrate your National Poetry Day in October!

Michele said...

It's as well, Elaine,
that you're miles away,
and cannot hear me scream !
Poetry on "Doctor Who" -
A nightmare, not a dream !

Elaine Magliaro said...


Not a poem ON Dr. Who--just your lyrical ode TO Dr. Who. An ode you'd be willing to share with us New Worlders via your blog! I wouldn't want to set you to screaming.

Michele said...

And even so it would make me scream - but I'll see what I can come up with, just remember you asked for it !!

Anonymous said...

Feather brained clouds off on rain's errand.

Insects mating furiously in flight--They call them love bugs.

Cleaving to one another as oblivion approaches.

Working their wings in the morning breeze.

punarbashu said...

Impressive. I liked it immensely.Please keep writing.

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