Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A Poem a Day #18

Today I have another nursery rhyme parody. This one is for Jen Robinson of Jen Robinson’s Book Page—another terrific kidlit blog. I especially enjoy Jen’s Sunday Afternoon Visits and her Children’s Literacy Roundups. Thanks, Jen, for all the support you’ve given me these past couple of months!

by Elaine Magliaro

Mary had a lotta luck
At Shoot the Wad Casino.
She worked the slots and rolled the dice
And won ten games of keno.

When Mary cashed in all her chips,
She gotta lotta dough.
Now every fella in our town
Sure wants to be her beau!


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, Elaine! I'm honored! And you are very welcome for any support that I've given you. Your thoughtful comments on so many other people's blogs have been, I think, what people accept you so quickly as a member of the Kidlitosphere.

This poem is a lotta fun!

Elaine Magliaro said...


Thanks for your kind words. I am enjoying my solo blog. It's taken up a lot of time so far--I guess because I committed myself to posting an original poem each day during National Poetry Month. Maybe next April I'll be a little wiser and I post one poem a week!