Wednesday, April 24, 2019

NPM: THERE WAS A WITCH-An Original Poem: Post #17

I originally posted There Was a Witch on this blog years ago. Quite some time after that, the poet and anthologist John Foster told me he'd like to include it in a book of space poems that he was compiling. I've sold poems that I've posted at Wild Rose Reader to publishers in New Zealand and the UK. Later this year, an educational publisher in the Republic of Ireland plans to publish a book that will include two of my poems about asteroids. I was told that my poems "would be reproduced in full and followed by activities for students to complete. The publication is strictly intended for educational purposes and is aimed at students aged 11-12 at primary level."

There Was a Witch can be found in A ROCKETFUL OF SPACE POEMS.
By Elaine Magliaro
There was a witch who liked to race
Her supersonic broom through space.
At six o'clock last Friday night
She blasted off at speed of light.
She whizzed past Mercury and Mars...
Then headed off toward distant stars.
Across the galaxy she sped,
A black peaked helmet on her head.
An interstellar traveler, she
Explored the Milky Way with glee.
She chased swift comets here and there.
She watched bright supernovae flare.
She zipped through clouds of cosmic dust...
A witch bewitched by wanderlust.
There was a witch, I'm sad to say,
Flew near a big black hole one day.
It sucked her in just like a bean.
You won't see HER on Halloween!

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