Friday, April 19, 2019

NPM: SO SMALL-An Original Poem: Post #15

I went looking through my poetry files this morning. It's funny how I often forget about poems that I've written. Here's one of my forgotten poems titled So Small. It's told in the voice of a young child who doesn't want to be smaller than everyone else she knows. Her wish is to be BIGGER than everyone!

by Elaine Magliaro

I’m small…so small
Not tall at all.
I’m smaller than everyone else I know.
Wish I could grow…
Could sprout so high
I’d stand like giraffe with my head
In the sky.
I’d be taller than tall…
The tallest of all.
I’d tower above
Everyone that I know
Then I could look down
Guess what I’d see?
Everyone LOOKING UP AT ME!!!

I'll be giving away an autographed copy of A Suitcase of Seaweed & More by Janet Wong. It's not only an excellent poetry book--it's also an excellent classroom writing resource, which could inspire students to write poems about their own life experiences.
To be entered into the drawing for the book, all you have to do is to comment on any of my Wild Rose Reader posts that I publish from April 14th through April 20th. I'll announce the winner on Sunday, April 21st.
Amy Ludwig VanDerwater has the Poetry Friday Roundup at The Poem Farm.





Amy LV said...

Oh, I bet small ones DO wish to be like giraffes with heads in the sky! Thank you for this poem, Elaine. I was just sharing your beautiful THINGS TO DO with some kindergarten teachers the other day...we were ooohing and aaahing. xxxx

Ruth said...

I've had that experience, too, of forgetting poems I've written. Sometimes I don't like them when I find them, but other times I think, wow, I wrote that? That's pretty good! This one is a lovely find!

Glenda Funk said...

It’s human nature to want to be what we’re not, isn’t it? Your poem captures this dissatisfaction.

Cheriee Weichel said...

Connections leap out at me all over the place. Like Glenda said before me, we all want to be what we are not. Have you see Qin Leng's picture book, I Am Small?

Jane @ said...

Funnily enough, for a little while in school I was a tall child who wished I could be smaller and not stand out! Thankfully most of my classmates eventually caught up to me, so I wasn't all that tall anymore. ;-) When we're little we want to be big, when we're big we want to be little! :-)

Mary Lee said...

We never seem to wish for what we REALLY need! (Or maybe we never know what we REALLY need until it's too late to wish for it!)

Linda B said...

My youngest granddaughter is so strong, doing ballet, gymnastics and rock climbing, but she will love this because she still is small & often can't reach things, like tree limbs, to climb, as older children can. And she talks about it. Wonderful, Elaine! Don't put me in the drawing. I have this book!

Kimberly Hutmacher said...

At barely 5'1, I really like So Small and can truly relate to it :)

Kay said...

I can relate--though now I've come to like my smallness. What a fun poem!