Sunday, October 14, 2007

Blogging for a Cure: Week #1

I copied and pasted the following schedule from Jen Robinson’s Book Page. (Thanks, Jen!)

Below you will find the schedule for Week #1 of Blogging for a Cure, an effort by kidlit bloggers to promote Robert’s Snow 2007, an online auction that will raise money for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, Massachusetts. The posts aren’t up yet so Jen just linked to the blogs that will be highlighting Robert’s Snow 2007 artists for the next seven days—starting tomorrow. You can find links to the posts themselves, and any last-minute updates, each morning at 7-Imp.

Monday, October 15
Randy Cecil
at ChatRabbit
Michelle Chang at The Longstockings
Kevin Hawkes at Cynthia Lord's Journal
Barbara Lehman at The Excelsior File
Grace Lin at In the Pages

Tuesday, October 16
Selina Alko at Brooklyn Arden
Scott Bakal at Wild Rose Reader
Alexandra Boiger at Paradise Found
Paige Keiser at Your Neighborhood Librarian
Janet Stevens at The Miss Rumphius Effect

Wednesday, October 17
Rick Chrustowski
at laurasalas
Diane DeGroat at Jama Rattigan's Alphabet Soup
Ilene Richard at Something Different Every Day
Brie Spangler at Lectitans
Don Tate at The Silver Lining

Thursday, October 18
Brooke Dyer at Bookshelves of Doom
D.B. Johnson at Lessons from the Tortoise
Erin Eitter Kono at Sam Riddleburger
Sherry Rogers at A Life in Books
Jennifer Thermes at Through the Studio Door

Friday, October 19
Graeme Base at Just One More Book
Denise Fleming at MotherReader
Jeff Mack at AmoXcalli
Jeff Newman at A Year of Reading
Ruth Sanderson at Book Moot

Saturday, October 20
Linas Alsenas at A Wrung Sponge
Theresa Brandon at The Shady Glade
Karen Katz at Whimsy Books
Judy Schachner at Kate's Book Blog
Sally Vitsky at Shelf Elf: read, write, rave

Sunday, October 21
Matthew Cordell at Just Like the Nut
Maxwell Eaton III at Books and Other Thoughts
Roz Fulcher at Goading the Pen
Susie Jin at sruble's world
Susan Mitchell at Check It Out

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Anonymous said...

Love your addition of color, Elaine. It makes the list much more dynamic, which is of course appropriate for a list of illustrators.