Sunday, October 7, 2007

Halloween Book Lists

Last week was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week. Really! The only bright light in the past seven days of darkness was Saturday. The Robert's Snow Artist Open House at The Child at Heart Gallery and the library in Newburyport, Massachusetts, was wonderful! I had planned to post an article about the open house with photos I had taken at the library and gallery either last night or early this morning--but when I turned on my digital camera yesterday, it was broken. Fortunately, someone from the gallery took pictures at the library. Grace met up with us later at the gallery. She brought her camera--and so did Penny Geis, the mother-in-law of artist Alissa Imre Geis. I hope to post an article in the next day or two.

In the meantime, I have some lists of suggested Halloween books for you.

Here’s a Halloween Round-Up from KidsReads.

Here’s another list of Halloween Books from KidsReads.

Fellow blogger Wendy E. Betts gives us Spooooooooky: Halloween Reading for Kids.

The folks at The Horn Book have recommended some books for Halloween Reading.

Here’s a list of Halloween Books for Kids from Apples 4 the Teacher.

Celebrate Halloween is a list of holiday books recommended by the staff of the New York Public Library.

Here are brief reviews of nine Halloween Books, including Los Gatos on Halloween and Omar’s Halloween, from Publishers Weekly (8/14/2006).

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Deb Lund said...

Thanks for your Halloween book lists! I appreciate all you do for kids and those who care for them. Here's one that's too new to make the lists. Let me introduce you to my monsters...

Meet Stinky Stubb, Dirty Dugg, Gorbert, and Melvina, the craftiest crew of monsters ever to build a house. With hard hats and heavy machinery, these feisty fellas dig, dump, hammer, nail, and - after a surprise lunch of Mama's special monsteroni and cheese - they even squeeze in time for an afternoon snooze. With backhoes, bulldozers, and mud mounds galore, here is a book that young construction enthusiasts will want to dig into over and over again.

I'm a children's author, certificated music and classroom teacher and librarian, and mom to three Wild Things. My newly-released picture book, MONSTERS ON MACHINES, from Harcourt, has a starred review from Publishers Weekly.

When other toddlers were playing in their sandboxes, I got to sit on my dad's lap and "dig" with his backhoe. When other kids were coloring, I spent hours dreaming up and sketching homes. When other teens were working at jobs around town, I held the funnel under the tractor while we made septic tanks, and concrete tables and benches. I designed and helped build the house I now live in. These days, the biggest rig I operate is a van full of soccer kids, and I construct books instead of houses, but I remember what it's like to be a kid who grew up around construction.

My kids never minded waiting through road construction stops -- there was so much to see! When I was an elementary librarian, the construction books never stayed on the shelves, but all that was available was nonfiction books, and kids love stories. That's why I wrote this rollicking rhyming book -- for all the construction kids like me. Robert Neubecker's art in the book is amazing. I can't wait for you to see delightful house. You can read the review and learn more about me and the book at

I can't wait for you to really meet my mud-mounding, nail-pounding monsterous crew!

Monster hugs,

Deb Lund