Monday, October 15, 2007

Robert's Snow: Let the Blogging Begin

Blogging for a Cure starts today!!! Here are the kidlit blogs to visit today to read about five of the fabulous Robert’s Snow artists—including Grace Lin. Make sure you make daily visits to Seven Impossible Things where Jules and Eisha will have links to each day’s Blogging for a Cure posts.

Monday, October 15
Randy Cecil at ChatRabbit
Michelle Chang at The Longstockings
Kevin Hawkes at Cynthia Lord's Journal
Barbara Lehman at The Excelsior File
Grace Lin at In the Pages

Win a Prize!!!
In the coming days and weeks, I will be posting blog articles about six of the Robert’s Snow 2007 artists. Click here to read my post Robert’s Snow: The Artists to find out which artists I will be blogging about. That post also includes links to the artists’ websites and the dates of the days on which I will be posting my articles.

I do hope you’ll stop by Wild Rose Reader to read the articles and to comment about the artists and their work. I have a special prize for some lucky person who leaves a comment at any of my six Blogging for a Cure posts: a limited edition Robert’s Snow giclee print! That’s right, folks! Here’s a picture of the print.

It's a print of one of the illustrations from Grace Lin's book Roberts Snow--the book that started it all!!!

I picked the print up on Sunday when Grace, Janet Wong, and I visited the Child at Heart Gallery. Grace and I wanted to show Janet the snowflakes on exhibit there—and have a second look ourselves!

How Can You Win the Robert's Snow Print? Read On!
Each time you comment at one of my Blogging for a Cure posts, I’ll put your name in a hat--maybe a Red Sox baseball cap! If you comment at all six posts, your name will go into the hat six times. The drawing will take place on November 19th, the day bidding begins on the first of three Robert’s Snow 2007 auctions.

Important Note: I also have several consolation prizes for commenters who don’t win the “big” prize. You’ll just have to wait to find out what the consolation prizes are!

Scenes from the Child at Heart Gallery
I took the following pictures at the gallery on October 13th.

Grace & Gallery Owner Paul McDonough
A Lotta Snowflakes!!!

The following four snowflakes (top to bottom) were created by Denise Ortakales, Jeff Ebbeler, Juli Kangas, and Annie Patterson.

This is the back of Anna Alter's Snowflake!

Grace & The 2007 Snowflakes


Goadingthepen said...

Just Beautiful!
You have done an awesome job!

Anonymous said...

What a great contest, Elaine! And I love looking at those snowflakes-in-the-gallery image. I bet it's wonderful to see in person, that snowy winterland of art!

Thanks for sharing more pics.

Anonymous said...

Elaine, you come up with the niftiest things. I can't wait to see your Robert's Snow features. My first one is Wednesday, and it's all done. I don't know how you're finding the time to do 6 of them!

Anonymous said...

There is something about seeing all those flakes together, isn't there? And seeing Grace in the middle of them. Wow. I think this year's auction is going to be a crazy-big success, what with your contest and Cynthia's and all the blogging love going on out there...

tanita✿davis said...

I can't get enough of looking at the snowflakes -- they're so amazing!!

gail said...

Ohhh, a contest! I love contests! Thanks again for sharing more photos, it's amazing seeing all the snowflakes at once. I can't wait to read your features!


Tricia said...

Your photos are just lovely. Seeing them in person must be very moving. I got chills just looking at the photos. I also love the picture of Grace.

MotherReader said...

Yeah the snowflakes are lovely and Grace is lovely, but I'm commenting for the prize. ;^)

Alyssa F said...

Thank you so much for posting these pictures. I wish I could see all the snowflakes in person too!

Mary Lee said...

Thanks for all the photos. It's hard to get a sense of the enormity of this project until you see a wall full of them!

Annie Patterson said...

Thank you so much for posting these pictures! I live all the way in Alaska and I wont be able to see them in person,so it is really neat to see mine hanging up.
Here's to a fantastic Robert's Snow Season!
Best Wishes!

Elaine Magliaro said...

Hi, Everyone!

The snowflakes are amazing. Each one is truly a unique and special work of art. I wish you all could see them in person.
I hope to take more snowflake photos when the exhibit is at the Danforth Museum of Art. Most--but not all--of the snowflakes are on exhibit in Newburyport.


I love your snowflake!!!

Little Willow said...

That's incredible, and incredibly generous.

debra said...

Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. One snowflake at a time we move forward toward a cure...