Saturday, October 20, 2007

Blogging for a Cure Day #6

Check out this new Blogging for a Cure page at 7-Imp. It has a comprehensive list of snowflake and illustrator features that will be updated on a regular basis. Below you will find the list of today’s Blogging for a Cure posts featuring five of the artists who have created snowflakes for Robert’s Snow 2007, a series of auctions that will raise money for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and cancer research. Read all about Robert’s Snow: for Cancer’s Cure here.

Saturday, October 20

Linas Alsenas at A Wrung Sponge
Theresa Brandon at The Shady Glade
Karen Katz at Whimsy Books
Judy Schachner at Kate's Book Blog

Note to Blog Readers about Blogging for a Cure: When Jules of 7-Imp put out her call in September for bloggers to interview/feature artists who had created snowflakes for Robert’s Snow 2007 at their blogs, a number of artists had not yet sent in their snowflakes to Dana-Farber. As time was of the essence to get Blogging for a Cure underway, we worked with the list of artists whose snowflakes were already in possession of Dana-Farber. Therefore, not all the participating artists will be featured. This in no way diminishes our appreciation for their contributions to this worthy cause. We hope everyone will understand that once the list of artists was emailed to bloggers and it was determined which bloggers would feature which artists at their blogs, a schedule was organized and sent out so we could get to work on Blogging for a Cure ASAP. Our aim is to raise people’s awareness about Robert’s Snow and to promote the three auctions. We hope our efforts will help to make Robert’s Snow 2007 a resounding success.

Artist Anna Alter with Her Snowflake at the Child at Heart Gallery

You have just a few more days to view the snowflakes in person at the Child at Heart Gallery in Newburyport, Massachusetts. The exhibit will remain at the gallery through October 22nd.

There will be a second exhibit of the snowflakes at the Danforth Museum of Art in Framingham, Massachusetts, from October 30th through December 2nd. A special open house viewing will be held at the museum on Sunday, November 4th.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that important note!

Little Willow said...

Great explanation. I'm adding that to my post now. Thank you!

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