Saturday, October 20, 2007

Out & About: October 20, 2007

The Brookeshelf has moved. Here is the new address—

Found at Paradise Found: Here is a post with a list of Prizes from Robert’s Snow Illustrators. It includes links to the blogs that are offering the prizes. (Thanks to Jules of 7-Imp for this link.)

I am offering this limited edition giclee print of an illustration from Grace Lin's book Robert's Snow as a Blogging for a Cure prize!
Cynthia Leitich Smith has an author interview with Sylvia Vardell of Poetry for Children. Sylvia talks about her book Poetry Aloud Here! Sharing Poetry with Children in the Library. Sylvia is also the author of Poetry People: A Practical Guide to Children’s Poets.
Jules and Eisha have added a new page to their blog Seven Impossible Things. The new page has a comprehensive list of the Blogging for a Cure snowflake and illustrator features. It’s updated daily.

From the Children’s Book Council

Hot Off the Press: A Sneak Peek at Publishers’ Newest and Hottest Titles (Last updated on October 13, 2007)

For Children’s Book Week (November 12-18, 2007)

Promoting Children’s Book Week

Children’s Book Week Banners and Logos
Paraphrasing from the CBC website: Share your enthusiasm for Children's Book Week with the community. The CBC banner ads can be dowloaded onto your computer and used to link your website to ours, so that visitors can learn more about Children's Book Week and how to celebrate this longstanding tradition.


Brooke said...

Hey, thanks for the plug about the Brookeshelf's new home. I'm glad you enjoy the blog as much as I enjoy yours!

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It's good to have you back blogging again!