Saturday, April 27, 2013

TALL TALK: Two Giraffe Poems

I really enjoy writing poems about animals—especially animal mask poems. One thing I always think about is the most prominent characteristic(s) of certain animals before I decide what to say in my poems. So…when I wrote the following two poems about the giraffe, I thought about its height/long neck and proceeded from there.


Giraffe is very tall—
but has a voice so small
you never hear him
bark or roar,
sneeze or snore,
screech or howl,
grunt or growl,
or ever say a word at all.

Perhaps because his head’s so high,
his sounds get lost up in the sky.

TALL TALK (A Mask Poem)

I am taller than tall.
I’m the tallest of all
The mammals that live on the land.

I can nibble the leaves                                                                        
From the tip-tops of trees
I think being tallest is grand.

My head is so high
That it touches the sky.
I can wink at the birds as they go flying by.

I can nuzzle the clouds,
Feel the first drops of rain,
Enjoy the fine view from this lofty domain.

With my head at this height
The whole world is in sight!
I think being tallest is grand.


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Linda B said...

Wonderful, Elaine. I've been working with some 6 & 7 year olds writing riddle poems, similar to your mask poems. These will be such good mentor texts for them. Thank you!

Charles Waters said...

Mask poems ROCK! And so do you.

laurasalas said...

You captured the giraffe beautifully, Elaine! I always especially love your mask poems