Thursday, April 22, 2010

Third Week of National Poetry Month (April 15-21) in Review

Poetry Makers at the Miss Rumphius Effect
April 15—Deborah Ruddell
April 16—Stephen Swinburne
April 17—Eileen Spinelli
April 18—Charles R. Smith, Jr.
April 19—Kathi Appelt
April 20—Heidi Mordhorst
April 21—Allan Wolf

Thirty Poets Thirty Days at Gotta Book
April 15—Eileen Spinelli—Praying Mantis
April 16—Bobbi Katz—Lesson
April 17—James Carter—Clouds Like Us
April 18—Elaine Magliaro—Things to Do If You Are King Kong
April 19—David L. Harrison—Lookit!
April 20—Brod Bagert—Personification
April 21—Tracie Vaughn Zimmer—Cousin of Clouds

Poetry Tag at Poetry for Children
April 15—Poetry Tag: Marilyn Nelson is IT
April 16—Poetry Tag: Pat Mora is IT
April 17—Poetry Tag: Naomi Shihab Nye is IT
April 18—Poetry Tag: Carrie Fountain is IT
April 19—Poetry Tag: Aimee Nezhukumatathil is IT
April 20—Poetry Tag: Matthea Harvey is IT
April 21—Poetry Tag: Helen Frost is IT

Poetry Potluck at Jama Rattigan’s Alphabet Soup
April 15—charles and debra ghigna stay awhile
April 16—friday feast: practicing rapture with our surprise guest, susan rich!
April 19—apples from the teacher: mary lee hahn
April 20—sweets for the sweet: liz garton scanlon
April 21—jeannine atkins and her friends, laura and rose

Haiga (Haiku & Photographs) at A Wrung Sponge
April 15—National Poetry Month: lilacs
April 16—National Poetry Month: Wisteria Haiku
April 17—National Poetry Month: Dandelion Haiku
April 18—National Poetry Month: lily haiku
April 19—National Poetry Month: crayon haiku
April 20—National Poetry Month: new fig leaf haiku
April 21—National Poetry Month: hyacinth haiku

Haiku at Liz in Ink
April 15—National Poetry Month—Haiku 15
April 16—National Poetry Month—Haiku 16
April 17—National Poetry Month—Haiku 17
April 18—National Poetry Month—Haiku 18
April 19—National Poetry Month—Haiku 19
April 20—National Poetry Month—Haiku 20
April 21—National Poetry Month—Haiku 21

Mary Lee’s Original Poem-a-Day About Teaching Or Learning at A Year of Reading
April 15—Which of the Top Hundred have YOU Read?
April 16—Poem #16—Google Search Story Poem
April 17—State Test Simile Poem
April 18—Poem #18—Sunday Night Teacher Haiku
April 19—Poem #19—“If-You-Were” Metaphor Poems
April 20—Poem #20—Lightning Thief Metaphor Poems (and a testing poem)
April 21—Poem #21—Haiku Response to Literature

Wild Rose Reader
April 15—Second Week of National Poetry Month (April 8-14) in Review
April 16—Things to Do If You Are the Moon: An Original List Poem
April 17—Three Animal Mask Poems
April 18—Chick Chatter: An original Mask Poem
April 19—IT’S RAINING: An Original Poem & Repetition in Poetry
April 20— The Princess Speaks to the Frog Prince in Condescending Language: An Original Fairy Tale Poem
April 21—SHOWERS: An Original Acrostic for Spring

Other Bloggers Who Are Posting Original Poems during National Poetry Month
Susan Taylor Brown
Jone MacCulloch
Elizabeth Moore
April Halprin Wayland
Amy Ludwig VanDerwater


jama said...

Thanks for rounding up all these links, Elaine. I can't believe how fast April has flown by!

Mary Lee said...

Three weeks, already?!? I've got my second wind! I think I can make it!

(Thanks for the fabulous roundup!!)