Saturday, April 10, 2010

A List Poem & A Concrete Poem

Last week, in my “great list poem” post, I extended an invitation to blog readers to write and submit their own list poems to Wild Rose Reader.

Amy Ludwig VanDerwater submitted Word Blanket—a lovely poem that I think poets and other writers will truly appreciate. Amy is a published poet and writes for her own blog, Poem Farm. Two of Amy's poems are included in Lee Bennett Hopkins’s exceptional new anthology Sharing the Seasons, which was beautifully illustrated by David Diaz.

Word Blanket
by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater

I cover myself with a blanket of words.


I quilted each consonant into this cloth.
Each vowel is keeping me warm.


Words to remember

I’m pulling my word blanket up to my chin.
I’m sleeping with words.

Good night.

Martha Calderaro wrote me to me to tell me that she had attempted to write a list poem BUT ended up with a concrete poem instead. She based her poem on pond adventures her daughter and her friends had over the weekend. Martha said: “It started as a list poem, then just went in another direction. So it goes sometimes.”

Here’s a link to Martha’s “tadpoling” post:

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