Saturday, April 17, 2010

Three Animal Mask Poems

Last week, in my Great Animal Mask Poem post, I invited blog readers to write and submit their own animal mask poems to Wild Rose Reader.

Here their submissions—in which a kitty cat and bugs speak to us in poetic voices.


Brimful Curiosities wrote:
After reading your post with my preschool daughter, she decided to try her hand at dictating a mask poem today. Thought you might enjoy.

I am a kitty cat
with sharp claws to scratch you.
I have a lovely little purr,
and I'm just a baby.
I can fit through little cracks
and cuddle in a little comfy box
where you can never find me.
I am a girl kitty cat,
and I love you.

by Jill Corcoran

Stop squishing. Stop swatting. Stop stepping on us.
Why do all you big people make such a fuss?
We're just little bugs try'n to live our short lives.
Why don't you go pick on some bug your own size?

And from Amy Ludwig VanDerwater:

Lover’s Lament

I’m a lone potato bug
who loves a leggy ladybug
who doesn’t know a pillbug
from a winter afternoon.

I long to give that gal a call
whisk her from the garden wall
polka dance her to a ball
underneath the moon.

she’s red.
she’s hot.
She and I should tie the knot.

But camouflaged I’m hard to spot.
She cannot see
what’s dirt
what’s me.

Pillbugs are a lonesome lot.

I'm in love.
The lady’s not.

© Amy Ludwig VanDerwater

Thanks, all, for your fine submissions!

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Amanda said...

My first-graders would love the first two, but my favorite's the third!!
i *heart* poetry.