Thursday, April 15, 2010

Second Week of National Poetry Month (April 8-14) in Review

Poetry Makers at the Miss Rumphius Effect
April 8—Nikki Giovanni
April 9—Charles Ghigna (Father Goose)
April 10—JonArno Lawson
April 11—Patricia Hubbell
April 12—Kurt Cyrus
April 13—David Harrison
April 14—Juanita Havill

Thirty Poets Thirty Days at Gotta Book
April 8—Ralph Fletcher
April 9—Alan Katz
April 10—Carmen T. Bernier-Grand
April 11—Charles Waters
April 12—Kathi Appelt
April 13—Kurt Cyrus
April 14—Arthur A. Levine

Poetry Tag at Poetry for Children
April 8—Joyce Sidman is IT
April 9—Marilyn Singer is IT
April 10—Kristine O’Connell George is IT
April 11—Alice Schertle is IT
April 12—Jane Yolen is IT
April 13—Heidi Stemple is IT
April 14— Lesléa Newman

Poetry Potluck at Jama Rattigan’s Alphabet Soup
April 8—a tail of tubby tabbies with j. patrick lewis
April 9—friday feast: julie larios spices things up
April 12—kelly polark turns up the volume
April 13—sara lewis holmes and her biscuit boys
April 14—kristy dempsey goes to the dogs

Haiga (Haiku & Photographs) at A Wrung Sponge
April 8—sorbet haiku
April 9—pear trees
April 10—Tulip Haiku
April 12—soccer haiku
April 12—shoe haiku
April 13—what to do when you find a bug in the flowers
April 14—maple key haiku

Haiku at Liz in Ink
April 11—Haiku 8
April 11—Haiku 9
April 11—Haiku 10
April 11—Haiku 11
April 12—Haiku 12
April 13—Haiku 13
April 14—Haiku 14

Mary Lee’s Original Poem-a-Day about Teaching Or Learning at A Year of Reading
April 8—Poem #8—When Recess Duty Becomes a Blessing in Disguise: A Haiku
April 9—Poem #9—More about Those Xs
April 10—Poem #10—Life Lesson
April 11—Poem #11—Sunday Night Inertia
April 12—Poem #12—On the Way Home from School
April 13—Poem #13—Definito
April 14—Poem #14—After the Concert

Wild Rose Reader
April 8—TULIP: An Original Poem
April 9—The Great Animal Mask Poem Post & An Invitation
April 10—A List Poem & A Concrete Poem
April 11—Spring Flower & Poetry Video
April 11—Here & There
April 12—Brand New Day: An Original Poem
April 13—Poetry from A to Z…Not!
April 14—Big Bad Wolf at the Beauty Shop: An Original Poem

Other Bloggers Who Are Posting Original Poems during National Poetry Month
Susan Taylor Brown
Jone MacCulloch
Elizabeth Moore
April Halprin Wayland
Amy Ludwig Vanderwater


Bridget R. Wilson said...

What fun we've had this week celebrating National Poetry Month!

Elaine Magliaro said...


I wish I could keep up with all the poetry celebrations. That's why I compile lists of links to all the great poetry posts--so I can go back and read them later...and not miss anything.