Sunday, April 8, 2012

LADYBUG: An Original Animal Mask Poem

In the past, I have posted many of my original animal mask poems at Wild Rose Reader. They include poems written in the voices of a lion, a grizzly bear, a skunk, a blue whale, an elephant, a toucan, a snake, a snail, an orb spider, earthworms, and frogs. Some time ago, my friends and “writing advisers” Grace Lin and Janet Wong read through my manuscript of animal mask poems. They suggested that I narrow the focus of the collection on small creatures that children might find in their own backyards or encounter not far from their homes.

Since then I’ve written additional masks poems about a firefly, Japanese beetle, painted lady butterfly, mole, and termites. I also wrote one about a ladybug, a helpful little garden insect that eats aphids. Aphids—also known as plant lice—are tiny and destructive insects that suck sap from plants. Note the use of repetition in my ladybug poem. Maybe you can figure out why I chose to do that.


I’m eating aphids in your garden.
I am not a bug to fear.
I’m eating aphids in your garden.
I have come to help you, dear.
I’m eating aphids in your garden.
That is something you should cheer.
I’m eating aphids in your garden.
Aren’t you glad that I am here?


Maybe there’s an animal voice inside you that’s dying to speak out! Why not write a mask poem? Try it…you’ll like it!

If you DO write an animal mask poem, leave it in the comments or email it to me. I’ll post it during the last week of National Poetry Month.


Ed DeCaria said...

Hi Elaine! It's been awhile since I've visited, but I just read your last 10 posts or so and I've really enjoyed your new poems. This ladybug one, the cat one (especially the ending), and the day/night sky one ... really well done.

Thanks for sharing,


helena said...

There is nothing nicer than receiving a gift relating to one’s passion.

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Bridget R. Wilson said...

I didn't know ladybugs ate aphids! How useful of them.