Friday, May 27, 2011

FAX to Snow White: An Original Fairy Tale Poem

Here is another poem from my unpublished collection Excerpts from the Fairy Tale Files. It is written in the form of a FAX from the Seven Dwarfs to Snow White.

TO: Snow White
FROM: The Seven Dwarfs
by Elaine Magliaro

Important message. Urgent. Read!
Our sage advice you must now heed.
Stay in the cottage. Don’t go out.
Your evil stepmom’s hereabout.
She’s dressed up as an ugly crone.
She knows that you are home alone.
Go lock the windows. Bolt the door.
Hide in the closet. Please ignore
Her coy attempts to sell you things:
Poison apples, combs, or rings.
She’s bent on murder. She won’t rest
Until her mirror says she’s best.
Don’t let her trick you. Use your head!
Or she’ll be fairest. You’ll be dead.


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