Monday, May 23, 2011

A Baby Shower & Everywhere Books!

Yesterday was a big day for me.
It was the day of my daughter Sara’s baby shower.
Sara is expecting her first child—and I’m expecting my first grandchild—in July!

I wanted the shower to be extra-special for my only child. I decided to go with a “book” theme. Instead of decorating with flower arrangements—I put board books and blocks in the center of the tables. I also decorated the room with picture books and poetry books. Sara loved it!

I had the cake made at the wonderful bakery that created
the delicious cake for Sara's wedding.

Here I am with "the other" grammy
just before Sara arrived.

We managed to surprise Sara.
She hadn't suspected that we were having a baby shower
yesterday at the same restaurant where she had her wedding reception.

It was fun gathering with family and friends
to celebrate this big event in my daughter’s life.

I can't wait to start reading
great board books, picture books, and poetry books
to my first grandchild!

Here is a poem that I wrote many years ago
about the joy of sharing books
with my Sara when she was a little girl:


A book and chair
Are nice to share
When the edges of day
Are melting away
Into the night.

A book and a chair
Are nice to share—
Touching and talking,
Reading and rocking
Into the night.

Note: I printed that poem and the following one on decorative paper and put them in frames.
They were part of the shower decorations too.
I wrote Such a Little Lady about Sara and her father.

Such a tiny bundle,
Such a small wonder,
Cuddled in the circle
Of her daddy’s strong arms.

Such a little lady,
Such a little love
Snuggled close to daddy’s heart—
Safe from any harm.


Cheryl said...

What a lovely baby shower--filled with books!! That sounds perfect to me. Thanks so much for sharing the pics; they're beautiful!

teacherdance said...

So great to see the photos of your daughter's special shower. Lovely to see all the books. I'm sure this grandchild will have a wealth of literature bestowed. Congratulations and best wishes!

Faith E. Hough said...

What a great theme! I love reading to my two daughters, and I'm looking forward to finding new books for Baby #3--due in July also!

Linda said...

Being a grandma is the best! My little grand-daughter is 14 months old, and has brought tremendous joy into our lives, and yes, she already has a huge collection of books. I love your theme for the baby shower. You're already a wonderful grandma!

Jules at 7-Imp said...

Congratulations again! What a lucky baby!

Marinela said...

What a beautiful baby shower, simply amazing!
Congratulations! Lucky baby and happy grandma!

marinela x

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jama said...

How did I miss this post?!!

What a beautiful baby shower. LOVE all your book decorations. What a lucky grandchild -- he/she'll have many books read to him/her, and probably many poems written for and about him/her. Drooling at the pretty cake . . . Thanks for sharing :).