Thursday, September 27, 2007

News from Wild Rose Reader!!!

Some of you may remember that my hard drive CRASHED in July! We couldn't even boot up my computer. My hard drive had to be sent across the country to a company that specializes in retrieving files for dodos like me who don't bother to get a backup system. I have been slapping myself upside the head frequently since that fateful day.

Well, I finally got my computer back. Fortunately, all my files were retrieved. (It did cost me a pretty penny though.) At one point before my computer was returned, my husband asked me if I thought it would be worth all the money we'd spend. I guess that's hard to determine. Sure, I had hard copies of most of my manuscripts, my course syllabus, my lectures, etc., but imagine having to type all those documents over again???

So...I guess I can get back to work on my poetry collections down here in my library. Maybe I can submit some of my manuscripts to publishers as I had planned to do during the summer before my computer disaster.

One more bit of news: I am going to have a poem included in an anthology that will be published next spring. That's all I'm going to say for now. I'll just have to wait impatiently until next March. I am really looking forward to seeing my second poem published in a children's poetry book. Who knows? Maybe I'll have my third poem published before I become an octogenarian!


Tricia said...

This is all wonderful news. I can't wait to read your poem this spring!

Elaine Magliaro said...


Thanks. There is something special about seeing a poem you wrote published in a book. My first was appeared in ROBERT'S SNOWFLAKES.