Thursday, September 13, 2007

Waxing Poetic about Root Canals

Did you know that Franki of A Year of Reading is having a poetry contest? Yup! I'm entering a couple of poems today. Tonight is the deadline. Have you ever had a root canal? Then you may want to wax poetic on the subject like me. Check out Franki's post Poetry Friday, Root Canals, and...a Contest for more information.

Here are my best efforts.

Root Canal Acrostic

Root it
Out...out with
The abscess!

Cancel the nerves!
Away with the pulp!
Nevermore do I want to feel this pain
Let me chew in peace!

Root Canal Cinquain

Oh no! Forsooth!
I've a pain in my tooth.
My dental doc must remove the
Pulp. GULP!

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