Friday, May 20, 2011

Two Original Lollipop Poems

Here are two lollipop poems. I wrote Lollipop Rainbow a couple of years ago for a collection of poems about candy.

Lollipop Rainbow

Circle of sunshine
lemony light
tart on my tongue

Sweet and sour
green balloon
limey, lickable,

Round red planet
a crunchable cherry

Large purple polka dot
of grapy delight

My favorite--
blue raspberry…
taste of sky
melting in my mouth

(Note: I must apologize that the lollipops in the picture I posted aren't round. They're the only lollipops that I had on hand to take a picture of to post with this poem. I bought them for a very special occasion on Sunday. I'll tell you more about the special occasion next week.)

Lollipop Haiku

Yellow lollipop
Lickable lemon-flavored
Tart taste of sunshine

The world’s largest lollipop was certified by the Guinness Book of World Records on June 25, 2002. The cherry-flavored Jolly Rancher weighed 4,016 and measured five feet square and 18.9 inches thick.

At Blue Rose Girls, I have an original poem titled Lilacs.

Julie Larios has the Poetry Friday Roundup over at The Drift Record.


Bridget R. Wilson said...

Great poems, Elaine! I still think you should have a whole candy collection.

jama said...

Yum yum, lick lick! Can't wait to hear about your special Sunday event. :)

Mary Lee said...

I'm just impressed that you had ANY lollipops on hand! Do tell about the occasion!!!

Andromeda Jazmon said...

Limey, lickable, lemon, tart taste - love those words!

david elzey said...

i'm with mary lee, "lollipops on hand" just isn't something that could be in this household.

thanks for the sweet treats, yum!