Friday, January 29, 2010

Winter Wonderland

I've been suffering from an advanced case of writer's block in recent weeks. I haven't been able to focus on much of anything--on writing original poems or writing book reviews for this blog. Yesterday, as I was driving to my mother's house, snow was falling gently. As soon as flakes touched the pavement, they melted. I was inspired. I made up a rough draft of a poem in my head. I forgot to write it down when I returned home. It wasn't a great poem--but it felt good to have my creative juices flowing again.

The poem went something like this:

Snowflakes falling like fairy dust...
I turn my face to the sky,
Cold white kisses
Melting on my cheeks

I took the photographs posted here in December.
I awoke one morning to find a wonderland of white
outside my bedroom window--
so I got my camera and took some pictures.

I may be old--
but I still like winter.
I love to look at the beauty of new-fallen snow.
Speaking of snow and poetry--
I often shared Dorothy Aldis's poem
On a Snowy Day
with my elementary students.
I liked the imagery she used in it:
Fence posts wearing marsmallow hats...
Bushes in nightgowns kneeling down to pray...
Trees spreading out snowy skirts
I'd also recite Mary Louise Allen's poem First Snow.
Here are the first two lines:
Snow makes whiteness where it falls.
The bushes look like popcorn balls.

Two of my favorite snow poems are mask poems
in which snow speaks to us:
The Snowflake
by Walter de la Mare
Here's how it begins:
Before I melt,
Come look at me!
This lovely icy filigree!
Of a great forest
In one night
I make a wildreness of white...

a poem by Karla Kuskin that ends:
I can make anything
What I touch,
Where I blow,
Even a dump filled with garbage
looks lovely
After I've fallen there.
I am the snow.
I'll close this post with an original acrostic:
In a robe of white
Numbed with cold
The weary

At Blue Rose Girls, I have Winter-Time by Robert Louis Stevenson.
Anastasia Suen has the Poetry Friday Roundup at Picture Book of the Day.


Mary Lee said...

Thanks for the poetic tribute to Winter! She can be so beautiful, but she can also outstay her welcome!

I used the voice memo function on my phone this week to capture key phrases of a poem I wrote while swimming. I'm pretty sure it was Laura Salas who "taught" me that trick -- and now I'm passing it on to you!

jama said...

What a lovely post, Elaine. Love the "cold white kisses melting on my cheeks," and the beautiful images in the other poems. We're expecting some snow today. As long as I don't have to shovel it or drive in it, I'm happy. :)

Elaine Magliaro said...

Mary lee--

I agree about winter outstaying its welcome. About the end of February/early March, I'm ready for a warmer season. Spring doesn't arrive early where I live...unfortunately.


I'm hoping we don't get any more snow until my husband gets back from China. I don't want to have shovel the entire driveway by myself.

Bridget R. Wilson said...


Thanks for the great post. I often compose in my head for days before writing anything down. Your post is fitting--where I am we have 6 inches of snow and ice.

Anonymous said...

What a terriic post. I love all these winter poems. I am gearing up for poetry club so am going to share some.
And I like Mary Lee's nifty trick for phrases on her phone. Cool.

Marjorie said...

So glad you've managed to shrug off the writer's block - it could be winter's blues, if you end up with those grey miserable days, as opposed to sparkly white one! I love your acrostic - it's exactly wat the masses of snow we've had this year has meant for our family.

laurasalas said...

Oh, the photos and poems are gorgeous, Elaine. Love your acrostic!