Friday, January 8, 2010

Winter Poems

We've had quite a lot of snow so far this year up in my neck of the woods. I'm in winter mode. Here are some of my original poems about the season. Many have been posted at Wild Rose Reader before.


After the blizzard
snowmen are sprouting up
like winter wildflowers

Sleet tap-dances
on my roof, clicks its icy heels
on my windowpane

Snowflakes fluttering
from a wintry sky…a flock
of white butterflies

With his frosty feet
little mouse prints a message
in the snow: Hello!

Like stars shaken from
The sky, snowflakes whirling down
In white galaxies
A snowman shadow
paints himself in blue upon
a cold white canvas

Two Quatrains

Snow dropped by…
and here am I
catching flakes
of falling sky!

While I slumbered
Through the night
Winter turned
My whole world white.

More Winter Poems

Winter Ballet

It’s white snow,
Bright snow,
Soft-as-feathers light snow…
Tiny ballerinas there
Pirouetting through the air
With their shiny crystal shoes
In their winter dance debuts.

Pond in Winter

The meadow pond lies silent, still…
Sealed in tight by winter’s chill.
A downy quilt of fallen snow
Hides a cold, dark world below.
I wonder all the winter through:
“What do fish and turtles do?”

Winter White
(Inspired by Joyce Sidman's Red Sings from Treetops.)

Winter White
whirls in the wind,
waltzes down from clouds,
alights with feathered feet.
It pillows the ground,
muffling the sound of footsteps
on the walk.
Winter White
wraps the rhododendron
in a fluffy shawl,
lays a feathered quilt
over the frozen pond.
Winter White
etches windowpaneswith frosty fingertips.
It whispers through icy lips,
sounds like a ghost
shivering in cold blue shadows.

Bedtime in Winter

Dark comes early.
Night is long.
Mommy sings
A bedtime song.
I am snuggled
Down and deep
Beneath soft covers.
While I sleep,
I have my teddy bear
To hold.
He keeps me warm
When nights are cold.

(I have written many different versions of this poem over the years. I'm not sure I've got it right yet.)

Snow whisperd down so soft and light
I didn't hear it come last night.
A white coat covers everything--
The porch, the walk, my tire swing.

My yard looks like a polar bear
Wrapped up in her creamy hair...
All snuggled warm inside her skin
That will not let the winter in.

At Blue Rose Girls I have a poem by Sarah Orne Jewett titled A Country Boy in Winter.
Tricia has the Poetry Friday Roundup at The Miss Rumphius Effect.


Mary Lee said...

I love the "flakes of falling sky"! That's what I can see out my kitchen window right now!

Elaine Magliaro said...

Mary Lee--

We've had lots of "flakes of falling sky" here since the beginning of winter.

Anonymous said...

Lovely work, Elaine!

Elaine Magliaro said...

Thanks, Kelly! I'm looking forward to our Cybils poetry discussions. We have five excellent poetry finalists this year.

Charles Ghigna said...

Excellent work, Elaine!
Thanks for sharing!

jama said...

I've arrived at your blog in my snowshoes. What a cold, snowy winter we're having!!

Love all these, especially "Winter White!" And of course the teddy bear one :).

Ebony said...

Love Winter White. I feel chilly reading it. :)

Andromeda Jazmon said...

These are really lovely! I especially like the snowy haiku. something about the icy crystals is so inspiring...

Carmela Martino said...

Lovely poems, and they're appropriate here in Illinois, too. :-)
I especially like the first four lines of Winter White.

andrew said...

Lovely Winter Poems. Thanks for the post

Vivian Mahoney said...

I love the Winter Ballet! Lovely.

Happy New Year, Elaine!

Nithin RS said...

Nice collection of winter poems.Being from part of the world where there is no snow.I was just imagining right through about the snow and other scenes when i read these poems.I liked the line, which mentioned about a mouse writing hello.

Anonymous said...

These are fun to read. We are having a mild winter so far. In fact my tulips are poking up through the soil.