Thursday, June 11, 2009

An Original Fairy Tale Poem

Here is my submission for this week’s Monday Poetry Stretch - Spinning Tales at the Miss Rumphius Effect. I wrote the following poem in the form of a Q & A. It’s from an unpublished collection entitled Excerpts from the Fairy Tale Files. I did make a few changes to the poem this morning. (You can read more of the poems from the collection here.)

Q: Who was the nemesis of Baby Bear?

A: A girl with curly golden hair.

She ate his porridge, broke his chair,

And took his comforter. Beware!

She did the same thing twice before

To Baby Buck and Baby Boar.

Her parents thought her antics droll.

They let her keep the things she stole.

They let her stay up late at night.

They never taught her wrong from right.

Beware of Goldilocks, that brat—

Don’t let her near your habitat!


jama said...

Love it! Guess you just can't trust blondes :D!

Elaine Magliaro said...


Especially if they have curly hair!

Charlotte said...

Funny! I especially like her Bad Past.

Rebecca Gomez said...

Too cute!