Monday, January 7, 2008

Things to Do

I am becoming a blog sluggard. I just haven't had the time--or the inclination--to post four or five times a week lately. I have a list with so many "things to do" on it that I just can't decide which thing to do first.

Grace Lin came to my house yesterday. She read through some of my poems--and ordered me to send out a certain manuscript today! I worked on my letter to the publisher this morning. I've promised myself that I WILL put that poetry collection, entitled Things to Do, in the mail this week. In addition, I began working again yesterday on another poetry book suggested by Grace and Janet Wong last fall. I really appreciate all their advice. I owe them both a debt of gratitude.

I have my work cut out for me this week. I also have to prepare a flier for the March event of the PAS North Shore Council of Massachusetts, order books written and illustrated by our March speaker, finish writing a book review that I was supposed to submit in early December, update my children's literature course syllabus, put away all the Christmas decorations...and on and on and on. I still haven't thrown away all the stuff I collected during my thirty-four years of teaching. I promised my husband I would do that last year. Now I must attend to it in early 2008. I retired in June of 2004. I think I've had plenty of time to clean house. Don't you?

I had plans to blog quite a bit right after the holidays--but I have to attend to the things that MUST be done by week's end. I doubt I'll get outside much in the next few days.

I decided to look through some of my old poems so I could post an original for you today. Here's a haiku for you:

Sleet tap-dances on
my roof, clicks its icy heels
on my windowpane

Now I must be going. I have "things to do."


Tricia said...

I'm with Grace and Janet - get that manuscript out!
Good luck with your to-do list. We'll still be here when you return.

laurasalas said...

Oh, Elaine, wonderful sound and touch/texture in that haiku--excellent!

Go mail your ms today!

SevenImpossible said...

Good luck. The blog can wait. I myself have a new project for work (the kind that pays) that might seriously cut into my blog time. Ah well.

We devoted readers of your blog will never give up on you, no matter your posting frequency!

Jules, 7-Imp