Friday, January 25, 2008

Poetry Friday: A Sledding Poem

Although I grew up on a main street in a city, there were acres of open land across the street from my house. There were hills where my friends and I sledded and ponds where we skated in winter. The property was owned by a large corporation. The company never put up “No Trespassing” signs. A half century has passed since that time and children and parents are still allowed on the property today.

I loved sledding outside in winter until my face and hands and feet had nearly turned to ice. I loved whooshing down the hillsides—the cold wind in my face as the sled runners cut through the snow. This poem is about sledding and childhood and imagination.

I’m sorry I can’t type the end of the poem on Blogger the way it’s supposed to be. That’s okay. I think you’ll get the point that the final lines should be read more slowly as the sled reaches the bottom of the hill.

by Elaine Magliaro

Whooshing down the hillside fast
Trees and people blurring past
Runners carving out the snow
Like an astronaut I go
Blasting into outer space
Rocketing at record pace
Through the stratosphere I fly
I’m commander of the sky
Won’t return to Earth until . . .

I reach

the bottom

of the hill.

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SevenImpossible said...

I like that. You've captured well the thrills of childhood sledding. I haven't sledded in such a long time. You've made me wish even harder for snow (though I think we may be just out of luck in Tennessee this year)!

Jules, 7-Imp

Elaine Magliaro said...


Certain experiences and sensory feelings from my childhood remain fresh in my mind. There are times I wish I could revisit those early days. Writing poetry provides me an opportunity to do that.

Liz in Ink said...

I LOVE this! Bookmarking to read to the girls afterschool today!

Anonymous said...

I loved sledding and tobogganing as well. So much fun. But oh, the cold feet from trudging all the way UP the hill.

Elaine Magliaro said...

Thanks, Liz! I hope the girls like it.

Elaine Magliaro said...


I think we were writing comments at the same time.
Besides cold feet and cold hands--how about the rosy cheeks and runny noses? I loved coming inside and warming up after hours spent outside in the freezing cold.

jama said...

I love this poem for different reasons than everyone else. I never sledded as a child and didn't see snow until I was in my 20's (grew up in Hawaii). So, this gives me a wonderful moment to revel in. Thank you.

Pat said...

Dear Elaine,

A swashbuckler of a bow to you for your kind and generous words for my FREEDOM LIKE SUNLIGHT: PRAISESONGS FOR BLACK AMERICANS. YOUR praise is the true coin of the realm.

Cheers, Pat