Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Ring/Drum/Blanket Poem by Diane Davis

Here’s another fine ring/drum/blanket poem written by Diane M. Davis.

Dragon Boat Festival
By Diane M. Davis

Blankets are laid,
zhongzi is waiting
but the drums insist-
brimming with sound
they call us to
wake the dragons.

We gather in rings
embracing the boats
as monks make magic
with prayers and poems
then paint the eyes, a dab of red
that brings the boats
to life.

Thanks, Diane, for contributing your original poem and for allowing me to post it here at Wild Rose Reader.


Anonymous said...

You are a master of alliteration, Diane!

I like the way that the word "blanket" helps set the scene. Your poem reads like a video clip: I really can see and hear the excitement of dragon boats!

Andromeda Jazmon said...

I can just see this festival. Gorgeous poem Diane!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Janet. A high honor from a poet whose poems I adore.
Thank you cloudsome, as well! I adore this festival.