Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Colorful Poetry

Here are three poems I am submitting for Tricia’s Monday Poetry Stretch--Colorful Poetry.

Green carpets the ground,

Reaches over the hills, blankets the broad valley,

And across the wide prairie, stalks of tall golden grain

Sway in the wind

Singing the song of the plain.

Red is the

Only color for a rose.

Save your buds of cloud white, dawn yellow, sunset pink.

Every rose should be red.

Pink Is the Color of…

A baby’s fingers,
a baby’s toes,
a piglet’s tail,
a bunny’s nose,

a happy memory,
the way
honeybees buzz
on a sunny day,

the scent
of apple blossoms,
the fluttery sound
of fairies’ wings

the feel of velvet
on my skin,
of ice cream
melting down my chin,

the taste of
cotton candy, too--
and hot dogs
at a barbecue!

Check out Tricia’s post Poetry in the Classroom--Colorful Poetry.


Anonymous said...

This is so fun. I can use this with third grade. Yesterday classes wrote group pantoum poems for Earth Day.

Elaine Magliaro said...


It could be a lot of fun to write color poems with your students.