Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Another Computer Crisis!

Oh, woe is me! Another computer crisis! I was grading my students’ course projects on a special form on my laptop when the screen went black this morning! Of course, I hadn’t made a copy of that file for my other computer yet because I hadn’t finished working on the grades—and I hadn’t printed out hard copies of the grading rubrics with my comments for the same reason. I had hoped to have all the project grades done in time for my class tomorrow. I'm not so sure I'll be able to finish them now. I feel a headache coming on!

Well... it’s off to the computer tech to see what can be done. Wish me and my laptop well!

Taxes and computer crises!!! UGH! Have you ever felt like slamming all the doors in your house while screaming at the top of your lungs?


gail said...

"Have you ever felt like slamming all the doors in your house while screaming at the top of your lungs?"

Too often!

So Sorry. I'll take it as a reminder to back up my files. I tend to get lulled into things running smoothly and forget. Especially detrimental when I'm working on an illo.


PS. I'm link your post about National Poetry Month!

gail said...
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gail said... should say "I'll link your post..."

Elaine Magliaro said...


Had I been finished with the grading, I would have printed off the rubric/comment sheets and at least had hard copies. I'm hoping it doesn't cost a fortune to fix or install a computer screen.

One thing I've done since my computer crisis last summer: I email myself my manuscripts and most important files--and keep them on my web-based email. Then, even if I have another technical problem, I can be assured my files won't be lost.

Kelly said...

Oh, Elaine! I'm so sorry :)

I hope it can be fixed!

Anonymous said...

Wait. We're not supposed to slam all the doors while screaming at the top of your lungs?


Tricia said...

UGH! I'm so sorry to hear about this. I hope it's not a major problem and that it is fixed soon!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Crap.