Friday, March 23, 2012

BUD: An Original Acrostic

The weather here in Massachusetts has been unbelievably warm this week. I’ve been wearing shorts and sleeveless tops and sitting out in the sun…and finally taking my granddaughter out for walks in her stroller. I really need the physical exercise! I have also been exercising my rewriting muscles and working on the final revisions for my Things to Do poetry collection.

Today, I thought I’d post a short poem from my unpublished collection Spring into Words: A Season in Acrostics. March is usually a gray, damp, and chilly month where I live. It rarely feels like spring until mid to late April around here. Spring arrived early this year. Everyone is celebrating!

Before I bust out of my winter clothes…before I

Unzip my snug green jacket, I’ll draw in a

Deep breath and dream of the warm spring days to come.

A few proud grandma pictures that I took of Julia in the last two weeks

Mary Lee has the Poetry Friday Roundup over at A Year of Reading.


Linda said...

Your granddaughter is precious! We are two lucky grandmas!

Love your poem too. Please let me know when your book is out!

Julie said...

Oh, Elaine, Julia is darling. Love that red hair!!