Friday, August 19, 2011

Things to Do: School Poems

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been retired for seven years now. For more than three decades (1968-2004) during the month of August, I’d be preparing my classroom—or my library—for the new school year. I have lots of wonderful memories from my days of teaching at an elementary school. It was via teaching young children that I got hooked on reading and writing poetry. I doubt I would have ever written children's poetry if I had gone into another profession.

Here are some of my “things to do” poems that I wrote about school.

Things to Do If You Are a School

Be cool.
Let students rule!

Things to Do If You Are a Pencil

Be sharp.
Wear a slick yellow suit
and a pink top hat.
Tap your toes on the tabletop,
listen for the right rhythm,
then dance a poem
across the page.

Things to Do If You Are a School Lunch

Be a pizza
crusty and hot
thick with tomato sauce
gooey with cheese
topped with salty circles of pepperoni…

Things to Do If You Are a Stapler

Click your metal jaws together.
Grip my papers
with your teeth of steel.
Then bite down hard
with all your might
and bind them together

Things to Do If You Are a Spelling Test

Don’t make me queasy.
Be easy!!!

Things to Do If You Are a School Bell

Ring loudly at the end of day.
Brrrrring! Brrrrring! is all you have to say.
We kids will soon be on our way.
When we hear that sound—it’s time to play!


The Poetry Friday Roundup is at Dori Reads.


GatheringBooks said...

Oh I loved reading through everything. I liked 'things to do if you are a school lunch' - mouth is now watering over pepperoni pizza! Haha. I would definitely share this poem with my teacher-students here in Singapore. So nice.

Diane Mayr said...

"Things to Do If You Are a Pencil" is so much fun--love the dancing reference.

jama said...

Have always loved your "Things to Do" poems. :) Today I'm feeling partial to your serving of school lunch . . .

Linda B said...

Well, I love them all, but especially that spelling test one. Right to the point for sure. Thanks for all the ideas!

Ruth said...

So fun! :-)

Doraine said...

These are fun poems! My favorite is the pencil.

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