Friday, August 12, 2011

POETRY FRIDAY: Something About Me

I've had a wonderful few days visiting with my new granddaughter Julia Anna since she came home from the hospital on Monday. Like any proud new grandma--I've been taking lots and lots of pictures.

Here's the poem I selected to post this morning because I won't see Julia for a couple of days. I hope she doesn't change too much in that time!

Something About Me

There’s something about me
That I’m knowing.
There’s something about me
That isn’t showing.
I’m growing!


Karen Edmisten has the Poetry Friday Roundup.


Karen Edmisten said...

Oh, my goodness, is she cute. :) Congratulations, Grandma!

Grace Lin said...

awww, welcome Julia Anna! can't see cute baby pictures too often!

jama said...

Oh, cutie pie! She's so busy growing . . . I can almost hear it :D.

Looking for the Write Words said...

Congratulations Grandma! She is beautiful. Enjoy!

custom term papers said...

sweet baby)))) so cute))) hope she will be happy in this life!