Sunday, March 16, 2008

Out & About: March 16, 2008

Note to Blog Readers: I have finally added a blogroll to Wild Rose Reader. I meant to do it long ago. I finally sat down last Friday and did it! I’ll be adding more blogs to the roll from time to time. I do want to take this opportunity to thank all the bloggers who have included Wild Rose Reader on their blogrolls.

NPR (From WBUR in Boston): Robert Frost Lectures Find Fresh Audience. Listen to Robert Frost talk about poetry. All Things Considered, March 7, 2008 · “Poet Robert Frost gave a series of informal lectures at Dartmouth College in 1947. Transcripts are now being published, using recordings that were in college's archives for decades.”

NPR (Morning Edition, March 3, 2008): Unapologetically Harriet, the Misfit Spy by Neva Grant. Hear Anita Silvey and Kathleen Horning talk about Louise Fitzhugh’s book that was published in 1964.

New York Times (March 2, 2008): Pushing for the Last Word to Be Against Censorship, an article by Robin Finn

Children’s Book Council’s Bimonthly Showcase (March-April 2008): Earth Day—Exploring the Natural World

Poetry Friday has been around the kidlitosphere for quite some time. In late January, Anastasia Suen instituted Nonfiction Monday, which she hosts at her blog Picture Book of the Day. Thanks, Anastasia! I recommend stopping by her blog on Mondays to check out all the great children’s nonfiction books bloggers are writing about.

Note: I don’t participate in Nonfiction Monday every week—but I have twice to date. Here are links to my Nonfiction Monday posts:

Nonfiction Monday: George Washington’s Teeth. This humorous book written in verse about the problems our first president had with his teeth is a great one to read aloud to young children. The book includes an extensive and informative timeline of George Washington’s life and his tooth troubles.

Book Review: What To Do About Alice? This is a picture book biography about Alice Roosevelt Longworth written by Barbara Kerley. The book’s subtitle will give you a flavor of this informational book that would be lots of fun to read aloud to young children: How Alice Roosevelt Broke the Rules, Charmed the World, and Drove Her Father Teddy Crazy!


Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Aw, thanks! I need to do an updating of my blogroll soon. I've been adding blogs to my Google Reader, but it is nice to click through once in awhile (and it's lovely to see one's own blog on a roll-- with lettuce and bacon, of course).

Elaine Magliaro said...


It's been almost a year since I launched Wild Rose Reader. I thought it was about time to add a blogroll. It also makes it easier for me to visit the blogs I read on a regular basis.